Worst Time to Visit Venice?

The worst time to visit Venice is during the summer months of July and August due to the high heat, humidity, crowds, and expensive accommodation. Venice has long been regarded as one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, with its scenic canals, incredible architecture, and rich culture.

Nevertheless, choosing the wrong time of year to visit can cause visitors to miss out on the magic and charm that this city has to offer. The months of July and August are often deemed as the worst time to visit Venice due to the high levels of heat, humidity, and tourist crowds.

Furthermore, accommodation prices skyrocket during this time period, making it an expensive time to visit. In this article, we explored why these months are best avoided and discovered when is the best time to visit Venice.

Frequently Asked Questions On Worst Time To Visit Venice

How Bad Is The Flooding In Venice?

The flooding in Venice ranges from mild to severe, and it happens periodically throughout the year. During the autumn season, which is the worst time to visit Venice, floods can reach a height of about 156 cm, making it difficult to walk around the city’s streets and canals.

Can I Still Visit Venice During The Flooding Season?

How Bad Is The Flooding In Venice?

Yes, you can still visit Venice during the flooding season, but it’s best to choose the right time to avoid the floods. The city has a warning system that informs tourists if there will be flooding, and the locals can predict the levels of flooding.

How Can I Stay Dry During The Flooding Season In Venice?

To stay dry during the flooding season in Venice, it’s best to wear appropriate footwear, such as waterproof boots. You can also purchase rubber boots in local stores, which are specially designed for floods. Carrying an umbrella or wearing a rain jacket is also a good idea.

How Can I Stay Dry During The Flooding Season In Venice?


Venice is a beautiful city that attracts tourists from all over the world. As we have seen, there are certain times of the year when Venice is overcrowded and overpriced. If you want to avoid the masses and experience the authentic Venetian way of life, it is best to avoid visiting during the peak tourist season.

Instead, plan your visit during the shoulder season, when the weather is still pleasant and the crowds have dispersed. This will allow you to enjoy the city’s beauty and charm without feeling overwhelmed by the throngs of tourists. No matter when you choose to visit Venice, be sure to do your research and plan ahead to get the most out of your trip.

With its rich history and stunning architecture, Venice is a must-see destination for any traveler.

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