Worst Time to Visit Egypt

The worst time to visit Egypt is during the hot summer months of June, July, and August. Temperatures can reach up to 110°F (43°C) in some places and humidity levels are very high. The heat makes outdoor activities difficult and uncomfortable, while sandstorms are common occurrences at this time of year.

Rainfall is also minimal, meaning that water shortages could become an issue for travelers. Mosquito-borne illnesses like dengue fever tend to be a larger problem in the hotter months as well due to standing pools of water where mosquitoes breed. Overall, it’s best to avoid visiting Egypt during these summer months if possible.

Worst Time to Visit Egypt Or What Months to Avoid Egypt?

Egypt is an amazing place to visit, but there are certain months of the year that it’s best to avoid. From May through September, temperatures in Egypt can be extremely hot and humid, with some days reaching over 50 degrees Celsius. This extreme weather can make sightseeing tiring and uncomfortable, as well as dangerous if you’re not used to such high temperatures.

What Months to Avoid Egypt?

On top of this, desert winds known as ‘khamsin’ can bring dust storms during these months which will greatly reduce visibility. For these reasons alone, it is advised to avoid visiting Egypt between the months of May and September.

Additionally, due to the increased risk of terrorist attacks in the region around this time (which have been ongoing since 2015), many countries advise against all but essential travel here from April onwards until October each year – so if this applies to your country then it would be wise for you not to plan a trip at any point during those months either!

Where to Avoid in Egypt?

Egypt is an incredible destination with a lot of cultural and historical attractions, but there are certain locations to avoid. Tourists should be particularly careful when traveling in the Sinai Peninsula due to its proximity to Israel, which can make it vulnerable to security threats such as terrorism.

Where to Avoid in Egypt?

Areas around Cairo and Alexandria have been known for protests and civil unrest; visitors should exercise caution near political hotspots or demonstrations.

There has also been a sharp increase in crime in Egypt over recent years, so it’s best avoided at night. It is also important to stay away from areas close to the border with Libya due to ongoing conflict there.

Finally, tourists should take care not to swim in the Nile River as it can contain harmful bacteria that could lead to serious illness if ingested.


Visiting Egypt can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but timing is key. Additionally, due to its location near the Sahara Desert, sandstorms may occur during this period making it difficult for travelers to explore outdoors. Furthermore, many attractions close early during these months due to the heat.

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