What Stores Allow Overnight Parking?

Many stores allow overnight parking in their lots. These include Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, and many more large chain retailers. Overnight stays may be limited to one night or up to a few nights depending on the store policy.

It is important to check with the store management prior to parking as some stores prohibit any type of overnight stay or require customers to obtain permission first. Some truck stops will also allow RVers and other travelers to park overnight for a fee. Camping World Supercenters are designed specifically for campers and offer plenty of space for RVs and other vehicles that need an extended stay while traveling from place to place.

Can You Stop Overnight in a Walmart Parking Lot?

Can You Stop Overnight in a Walmart Parking Lot

Yes, you can stop overnight in a Walmart parking lot. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for people to stay the night at Walmart or other big-box stores while traveling. However, it’s important to note that different locations have their own policies when it comes to overnight stays – some may allow them and others may not.

It’s best to check with the store before attempting an overnight stay in order to avoid any potential issues or problems. Additionally, many stores will also require visitors to park away from the main entrance and adhere to quiet hours during their stay.

Can You Sleep Overnight in a Home Depot Parking Lot?

Can You Sleep Overnight in a Home Depot Parking Lot

It is not recommended to sleep overnight in a Home Depot parking lot. While some people may choose to do so, it is important to note that many Home Depots have security patrols and cameras that monitor the area throughout the night. In addition, local laws may prohibit such activities, making it illegal for individuals to stay overnight in a store’s parking lot.

Furthermore, there are other potential safety risks associated with sleeping outside of your home or vehicle at night which can include encountering aggressive wildlife or being exposed to extreme weather conditions. It is best to use designated camping grounds and motels when planning an extended trip away from home.

Can I Leave My Car Overnight at Costco?

Can I Leave My Car Overnight at Costco

Yes, you can leave your car overnight at Costco. The parking lots are well-lit and monitored by security cameras to ensure the safety of customers’ vehicles. Additionally, all Costco locations have an attendant on duty 24 hours a day to monitor the lot and respond to any emergencies.

To be extra cautious, you may consider parking in a designated handicapped spot or near the entrance/exit gate so that it is more visible from the front desk or surveillance cameras.

Are Walmarts cracking down on Overnight Camping?


In conclusion, knowing which stores allow overnight parking can be a great help for those who need to find a safe place to rest while driving. It is important to remember that not all stores will permit overnight parking and some local regulations may limit where you can park.

Additionally, it is essential to check with the store before setting up camp in their lot. With these tips in mind, anyone should be able to find an appropriate place for safe and legal parking when on the road.

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