Understanding FedEx Evening Deliveries: Does FedEx Deliver After 5 PM?



In the fast-paced world of logistics and parcel delivery, understanding the delivery schedules of major carriers like FedEx is crucial for both businesses and individuals. A common question that arises is: “Does FedEx deliver after 5 PM?” This article delves into FedEx’s delivery practices, offering insights into their evening delivery schedules.

Understanding FedEx’s Delivery Schedule

Subsection 1: Overview of FedEx Delivery Hours

FedEx’s delivery hours can vary based on several factors, such as the type of service chosen (e.g., FedEx Ground, FedEx Express), the specific route, and the delivery location. Generally, for residential deliveries, FedEx extends its service until 8 PM.

Subsection 2: Business Deliveries and Operational Hours

For business locations, FedEx typically completes deliveries by the end of business hours. It’s essential to understand that these hours can differ based on the business’s operational schedule.

Factors Influencing Evening Deliveries

Subsection 1: Location and Route Specifics

The delivery timings can significantly vary depending on the geographical location and the specific delivery route. Urban areas might experience later deliveries due to dense routes.

Subsection 2: Service Type

Different FedEx services have distinct time frames. For instance, FedEx Express might offer later deliveries compared to FedEx Ground.

Subsection 3: External Factors

External factors such as weather conditions, traffic disruptions, and operational challenges can also influence delivery timings.

How to Track Your FedEx Package

Subsection 1: Using FedEx Tracking System

Leverage the FedEx tracking system available on their website and mobile app for real-time updates on your package, including an estimated delivery window.

Subsection 2: Sign Up for Notifications

FedEx offers notification services where you can receive updates via email or text about your package’s status.


  1. Can I request a specific delivery time with FedEx? While FedEx doesn’t guarantee specific delivery times, its FedEx Delivery Manager service offers some level of customization.
  2. Are there extra charges for after-hour deliveries? Generally, there are no additional charges for deliveries made after 5 PM.
  3. How late can FedEx Express deliver? FedEx Express deliveries can be made as late as 8 PM to residential addresses.


While FedEx does provide deliveries after 5 PM, especially to residential addresses, these are subject to various factors. Utilizing FedEx’s tracking tools can offer the most accurate information regarding your package’s expected delivery time.

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