Things to Do in Jackson MS: Unmissable Attractions!

Explore the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and visit the Jackson Zoo for family fun in Jackson, MS. Tour the State Capitol and enjoy the vibrant Fondren District. Brimming with Southern charm, Jackson, Mississippi, is a cultural haven replete with attractions that offer a deep dive into the rich history and arts.


As the state’s capital, Jackson is a city where visitors can experience a fusion of historical significance and modern entertainment. Whether you’re eager to traverse the halls of an enlightening museum, indulge in the culinary delights of traditional Southern cuisine, or relish a tranquil stroll through lush gardens, this city does not disappoint.


The medley of museums, including the compelling Civil Rights Museum, provides insightful narratives of America’s complex past, while Thalia Mara Hall and the New Stage Theatre showcase the city’s dedication to the performing arts. Visitors can also partake in the bustling nightlife, with an array of live music venues echoing the soulful sounds of blues and jazz — a testament to the region’s vibrant music scene.


Visit The Mississippi State Capitol

Delving into the history and grandeur of Jackson, MS, no visit is complete without a trip to the Mississippi State Capitol. This iconic building, not only a hub of political activity but also a testament to architectural brilliance, invites residents and tourists alike to witness firsthand the pulsating heart of Mississippi’s government. Both history enthusiasts and architecture admirers will find the Capitol’s doors open, ushering them into a world where governance meets aesthetic elegance.

Guided Tours Showcasing Government Heritage

The Mississippi State Capitol is steeped in tradition and political lore, and guided tours of the premises provide an immersive experience. Offered free of charge, these tours are a treasure trove for anyone keen on understanding the inner workings of state government as they trace the footsteps of legislators past and present. During the tour:

  • Visitors receive an insightful narrative about the building’s history and function.
  • The role of various chambers and halls in the legislative process is explained.
  • Guests learn fascinating facts about the state’s political heritage through exhibits and presentations.

Architectural Details Of The Beaux-arts Style Building

Constructed in 1903, the Mississippi State Capitol is a dazzling example of Beaux-Arts architecture, characterized by its grand columns, ornate fixtures, and symmetrical design. Observers will note:

  1. The building’s imposing exterior, with a copper dome and eagle-topped cupola.
  2. Interior spaces adorned with marble, stained glass, and decorative paint.
  3. The intricate details that signify the Beaux-Arts influence – from the grand staircases to the legislative chambers.

Taking time to appreciate the details of the building’s design reveals much about the era of its construction and the cultural influences that shaped Mississippi at the turn of the 20th century.



Tour Civil Rights Landmarks

Embark on a profound journey through Jackson, MS, where every corner echoes the struggles and triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement. This historical pilgrimage offers more than just a glimpse into the past – it’s an immersive experience that reverberates with the courage of the heroes who fought for justice. Dotted with significant sites, a tour through these historical landmarks is not merely a lesson in history but a soul-stirring adventure into the heart of America’s quest for equality and human dignity.

Medgar Evers Home Museum Experience

Step into the Medgar Evers Home Museum, a modest ranch-style house that has become a symbol of strength against oppression. It’s the sanctuary where Medgar Evers, the first NAACP field secretary in Mississippi, lived with his family and valiantly fought for desegregation until his assassination in 1963. Here, visitors can:

  • Explore the exhibits detailing the life and work of Medgar Evers.
  • View authentic period furnishings that paint a vivid picture of the Evers’ family life.
  • Hear firsthand accounts of the challenges faced during the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Partake in guided tours that bring history to life through powerful narratives.

The house, now a national historic landmark, serves as not just a museum but a place of reflection and inspiration, compelling guests to remember that the fight for equality is ongoing.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Deep Dive

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum stands as a beacon of remembrance and education. This state-of-the-art institution takes visitors on a deep dive into the tumultuous era with eight interactive galleries. Delve into the struggles that shaped the nation through:

  1. Multimedia exhibits that present a stark portrayal of the Civil Rights struggle in Mississippi.
  2. The stirring ‘This Little Light of Mine’ sculpture that shines brighter as visitors gather, symbolizing unity and hope.
  3. Personal stories of those who fought on the front lines for freedom and equality.
  4. A detailed timeline of significant events that showcases the decades-long struggle.

By connecting with the rich legacy of civil rights warriors, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum provides an invaluable, sobering perspective on the sacrifices made for civil liberties.

Unwind At Lefleur’s Bluff State Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Jackson, Mississippi, by spending a day at LeFleur’s Bluff State Park. Nestled in the heart of the city, this serene oasis offers a perfect mix of natural beauty and educational experiences. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a family looking for a leisurely picnic spot, or a nature enthusiast eager to learn more about Mississippi’s ecological landscape, LeFleur’s Bluff has something for everyone. Let’s explore the various activities this tranquil park provides.

Hiking Trails And Picnic Spots

Reconnect with nature along the winding hiking trails of LeFleur’s Bluff State Park. Each trail offers a unique experience through Mississippi’s lush woodlands and beside its tranquil waters. Here’s what to anticipate:

  • Scenic Routes: Trails range from easy walks to moderate treks, perfect for all levels of hikers.
  • Diverse Flora and Fauna: Keep your eyes peeled for the park’s abundant wildlife, including native birds and plants.
  • Photography Hotspots: Don’t forget your camera, as the trails offer stunning vistas to capture.

After your hike, enjoy a peaceful picnic at one of the park’s many designated picnic areas. These spots provide grills, tables, and ample shade, making it the ideal locale for an afternoon snack or a full-fledged family feast.

The Museum Of Natural Science Exploration

An exploration of LeFleur’s Bluff isn’t complete without a visit to the Museum of Natural Science. This haven for science and nature lovers offers fascinating insights into the state’s local ecosystems:

Exhibit Description
Aquarium Network Discover Mississippi’s aquatic life with over 200 species on display.
Interactive Exhibits Engage with hands-on activities to learn about ecology and conservation.
Nature Trails Extend your journey with trails that wrap around the museum, integrating learning and outdoor exploration.

Whether you’re marvelling at a 65-million-year-old fossil or observing live animals in their habitats, the museum is a gateway to understanding and appreciating the natural world around us.

Encounter Wildlife At Jackson Zoo

The Jackson Zoo offers a thrilling adventure for those who love to explore the wild side of life. Here, visitors gain immersive experiences and educational insights into the animal kingdom. Whether you’re a local or a traveler seeking new experiences in Jackson, MS, a day spent at the Jackson Zoo promises delightful encounters with creatures from across the globe. What sets this zoo apart is not just the diversity of its animal exhibits but also its commitment to conservation and education for visitors of all ages.

Diverse Animal Exhibits

Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable variety of species at the Jackson Zoo. The carefully curated habitats allow you to witness animals in environments that mimic their natural settings. Each exhibit showcases the unique characteristics of its inhabitants, creating a tapestry of wildlife that ranges from the exotic to the familiar.

  • Big Cats: Experience the majesty of lions, tigers, and leopards.
  • Primate Paradise: Delight in the playful antics of monkeys and apes.
  • Mississippi Wilderness: Discover local wildlife native to the region.
  • African Savannah: Gaze upon zebras, giraffes, and more.

With each step, you’ll come face-to-face with the diversity of animal life that thrives at Jackson Zoo—bringing a world of discovery to your fingertips.

Educational Programs For All Ages

Education lies at the heart of the Jackson Zoo’s mission, offering a variety of interactive and informative programs crafted for different age groups. While exploring the zoo, visitors have unique opportunities to learn about animal behavior, conservation efforts, and the global impact of human activities on wildlife.

Program Age Group Description
Zoo Camp Kids Summertime fun and environmental education.
Keeper Chats All ages Insights into the daily care of zoo animals.
Guided Tours Adults & Families A deeper dive into the life of zoo residents.
School Programs Students Alignment with educational standards for schools.

Through these programs, participants can connect with the animal world and take away valuable lessons that extend far beyond the confines of the zoo. It’s an opportunity not only to observe but to engage with wildlife in new and meaningful ways.

Immerse In The Arts At Mississippi Museum Of Art

Explore the vibrant heart of creativity in Jackson, MS, at the Mississippi Museum of Art. This cultural gem offers a dynamic space where visitors can enjoy a vast array of visual arts. From stunning paintings to thought-provoking installations, the museum is a celebration of artistic excellence and diversity.

Exhibitions By Local And International Artists

The Mississippi Museum of Art is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing an impressive collection of exhibitions that cater to art enthusiasts of all types. The museum proudly features works by:

  • Local Mississippi artists, shining a spotlight on the rich cultural tapestry of the region.
  • Renowned international artists, bringing a global perspective to the local art scene.

Each meticulously curated exhibition invites viewers to embark on a visual journey, exploring various themes, mediums, and historical contexts that enrich the soul and ignite the imagination.

Sculpture Garden Relaxation

Step outside into the serene oasis of the museum’s Sculpture Garden, a haven of tranquility amid the bustling cityscape. Visitors can enjoy:

  1. A leisurely stroll among captivating sculptures that blend art with nature.
  2. Quiet contemplation or lively discussions in the garden’s inviting spaces.
  3. Special events and programs that utilize the garden’s unique ambiance.

The Sculpture Garden is not only a place to admire art but also an ideal spot for relaxation and cultural engagement in the open air, offering a picturesque backdrop for memorable experiences.

Experience Live Music And Performances

If the soulful rhythm of blues, the energy of live rock, or the smooth melodies of jazz invigorate your spirit, Jackson, MS, is a treasure trove awaiting your discovery. The city’s vibrant live music scene presents a panorama of performances for enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Let’s dive into the beats and harmonies that make Jackson’s heart pulse with an array of exhilarating live music experiences sure to enrich every evening.

Thalia Mara Hall’s Event Lineup

Jackson’s Thalia Mara Hall is a beacon for culture and the performing arts, hosting a diverse array of events throughout the year. Upcoming attractions at this grand auditorium include:

  • Classical music concerts by world-renowned orchestras.
  • Theatrical productions that bring the drama and excitement of Broadway to the South.
  • Ballet performances that capture the elegance and grace of this timeless art form.
  • Rock and pop concerts featuring chart-topping artists and bands.
  • Enthralling stand-up comedy shows that promise a night filled with laughter.

To see the complete lineup and find tickets for your must-see performances, visit Thalia Mara Hall’s official website or ticketing outlets.

Underground 119’s Jazz Nights

For those with a penchant for jazz, Underground 119 is the epitome of Jackson’s musical soul. This intimate venue is renowned for its:

  1. Live jazz performances on select nights, featuring local and touring artists.
  2. Sophisticated atmosphere that complements the immersive music experience.
  3. Gourmet Southern cuisine and a wide selection of craft cocktails to satiate your culinary cravings.
  4. Artistic decor that reflects Jackson’s rich cultural heritage and the jazz genre’s historic roots.

Make sure you check out Underground 119’s schedule to catch a night of smooth tunes and relax in a setting where every note tells a story.

Engage Kids At The Mississippi Children’s Museum

If there’s one place in Jackson, MS, that guarantees an educational adventure for children, it’s the Mississippi Children’s Museum. This vibrant hub of curiosity offers a wealth of activities that spark the imagination and provide interactive learning opportunities for young minds. With exhibits and workshops that merge play with education, it’s a destination that children will ask to visit time and time again.

Interactive Exhibits On Science And Culture

Ignite the spark of discovery in your child with the museum’s array of interactive exhibits. They can dive into the wonders of science through hands-on experiences that make complex concepts understandable and fun. The range of exhibits covers everything from the mysteries of the human body to the far reaches of outer space.

  • Explore the Body – Children can learn about biology by engaging with exhibits that simulate doctor’s offices and hospitals, making anatomy accessible and entertaining.
  • Space Adventures – Young astronauts can strap in for an interstellar journey, learning about the planets and stars in a way that fuels their creativity.
  • Cultural Celebrations – With exhibits focused on Mississippi’s rich cultural tapestry, kids can immerse themselves in the state’s history and diversity through interactive storytelling and art activities.

Outdoor Play Areas And Educational Workshops

The learning continues beyond the indoor exhibits with the museum’s engaging outdoor play areas. These spaces offer fresh air and sunshine as part of the learning process. Children can scale climbing structures, navigate obstacle courses, and participate in water play, all of which are designed to promote physical fitness and cooperative play.

Educational workshops provide structured learning opportunities for kids to delve deeper into topics they’re passionate about. These sessions, led by experienced educators, range from artistic expression to scientific exploration, and they cater to various age groups and interests.

  1. Garden workshops help children understand plant life cycles and the importance of sustainable living.
  2. Science experiments in a workshop setting make chemistry and physics palpable, allowing children to see the reactions up close.
  3. Art classes offer a canvas for creativity, teaching techniques and concepts that children can take home and continue to explore.

Whether it’s through the intricate design of a leaf during a garden workshop or the laughter-filled echoes from the outdoor play area, the Mississippi Children’s Museum is a gem in Jackson, MS, that provides a unique educational environment for growing children.

Adventure Sports And Activities

Thrill-seekers rejoice! Jackson, Mississippi offers an abundance of adventure sports and activities designed to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. From speed demons to climbing enthusiasts, the city caters to all levels of adventure aficionados. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, be sure to check out these top spots for an unforgettable experience.

Go-karting At The Track

Feel the need for speed? The Track provides an exhilarating go-karting experience perfect for fun-seekers of all ages. With a state-of-the-art track that twists and turns, you’ll test your driving skills in a safe and competitive environment. The facility boasts a fleet of top-notch go-karts, ensuring a fast-paced thrill for newbies and seasoned racers alike. Don’t miss out on:

  • Family-friendly tracks fit for all skill levels.
  • Expertly maintained karts for peak performance.
  • Exciting race packages for groups and parties.

Get ready to strap in and race your way to an unforgettable day!

Rock Climbing At High Heaven

Next on the adventure itinerary—reach new heights at High Heaven, Jackson’s premier rock climbing venue. Climb to the top of challenging walls that mimic the great outdoors, catering to both beginners and seasoned climbers. High Heaven’s facilities offer:

Climbing Feature Description
Bouldering Walls Low-height walls without the need for harnesses, focusing on skill and strength.
Top-rope Climbing Tall walls with secured ropes, ideal for learning the ropes or improving technique.
Lead Climbing For the experienced climber seeking a more authentic experience.

With friendly staff ready to assist and all the necessary equipment provided, you’re set for an amazing climb at High Heaven. Embrace the rush and sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering each wall.

Savor Jackson’s Food Scene

Savor Jackson’s Food Scene is a delightful journey through flavors, culture, and the comforting embrace of Southern hospitality. With an appetite for authenticity and a yearning for smoky, savory bites, food enthusiasts will find Jackson, Mississippi, a haven for local cuisine. From classic Southern eateries to bustling BBQ joints, along with the farm-to-table movement bolstered by lively farmer’s markets, this city serves up a feast for the senses.

Classic Southern Eateries And Bbq Joints

Jackson’s food scene proudly presents a tapestry of tantalizing flavors and time-honored recipes. Visitors with a taste for tradition can indulge in an array of Southern classics, each offering a warm plate of nostalgia and comfort. BBQ aficionados can rejoice at the sight of smoked ribs glazed to perfection and pulled pork that melts in your mouth, all lovingly prepared with secret rubs and sauces passed down through generations.

  • Big Mama’s Country Kitchen – A hub for soul food staples and hearty portions.
  • Smokin’ Barrel BBQ – Renowned for its signature slow-cooked brisket.
  • The Pig & Pint – Offers a contemporary twist on classic barbecue dishes.

These establishments not only captivate with their menu but also with their story-rich walls and the welcoming buzz of community gathering to feast.

Farmer’s Markets’ Fresh Produce

A visit to Jackson’s farmer’s markets is a vivid exposition of the region’s agricultural bounty. Stalls brimming with fresh, colorful produce invite locals and travelers alike to explore the roots of Jackson’s culinary landscape. These vibrant markets are where you’ll discover the crispness of locally grown vegetables and the sweetness of sun-ripened fruits. Here are a few not-to-miss markets:

  1. Mississippi Farmers Market – The epicenter for fresh produce, artisanal foods, and homemade crafts.
  2. West Jackson Farm – Known for its community-supported agriculture program and educational initiatives.
  3. Fondren’s Fresh Market – A perfect spot to grab organic goodies and mingle with local food artisans.

These markets not only showcase the best of Mississippi’s harvests but also support the hardworking farmers who are the backbone of the region’s food scene.

Explore Unique Boutiques And Shops

Welcome to the heart of Southern hospitality where shopping is not just an activity, but an experience! In Jackson, MS, uncovering unique boutiques and shops is a delightful adventure for locavores and visitors alike. This city thrives with distinctive shopping opportunities, ranging from high-end outlets to local artisanal finds. Whether you’re a fashionista, a souvenir seeker, or an arts enthusiast, get ready to be charmed by the retail wonderland that awaits you here.

Outlets of Mississippi’s retail experience

Outlets Of Mississippi’s Retail Experience

Embark on a shopping journey at Outlets of Mississippi and immerse yourself in a retail experience like no other. With an impressive array of stores offering discounted designer goods, this is the ultimate destination for savvy shoppers. Find everything from striking fashion pieces to essential home goods, all at prices that won’t break the bank.

  • Browse top designer brands at a fraction of the cost
  • Enjoy a plethora of dining options for refueling during your spree
  • Discover deals for the whole family with a variety of children’s outlets

Come for the savings, stay for the day, and leave with bags brimming with unbeatable finds!

Fondren District’s local arts and crafts

Fondren District’s Local Arts And Crafts

The Fondren District stands out as Jackson’s melting pot of creativity and community. This eclectic neighborhood invites you to wander through its vibrant streets where local arts and crafts take center stage. Explore boutique galleries, craft stores, and artisan workshops where unique, hand-crafted items await you.

  1. Admire and acquire original artwork from emerging and established artists
  2. Add a touch of Jackson’s soul to your home with hand-crafted decor
  3. Support local artisans while selecting gifts that truly tell a story

Each shop in Fondren tells its own tale of Southern artistry and charm, promising treasures that are as one-of-a-kind as their creators.

Enjoy Jackson’s Vibrant Nightlife

As the sun sets, Jackson, Mississippi awakens to a vibrant nightlife scene that promises excitement and entertainment for all tastes. From the charming ambiance of speakeasies with their secret cocktails to the exhilarating views from rooftop bars, Jackson invites you to indulge in its nocturnal offerings. Satisfy your hunger pangs with a late-night dining experience that spans the range from gourmet delights to comforting local favorites. Let’s dive into what makes Jackson’s nighttime allure undeniable.

Speakeasys And Rooftop Bars Experience

For a touch of intrigue and a dash of the prohibition-era vibe, Jackson’s speakeasys offer hidden gems where mixologists pour, shake, and stir up some of the city’s most breathtaking cocktails. Step into the past and enjoy an evening swathed in mystery and fine drinks.

Seeking a more panoramic experience? Jackson’s rooftop bars are your answer. They combine the pleasure of finely-crafted drinks with the beauty of the city from above. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic date night or a lively gathering with friends, these elevated hotspots are sure to impress with their unforgettable skyline views.

  • Library Lounge – A sophisticated spot with a literary twist.
  • Fenian’s Pub – A vibrant, Irish-themed haunt known for live music.
  • The Apothecary at Brent’s Drugs – A historic venue for crafted concoctions.
  • Char Restaurant – Enjoy their upstairs bar for a classy experience.

Late-night Dining At Top Restaurants

As your evening adventures continue, indulge in Jackson’s wide variety of late-night dining venues. With kitchens open late into the night, you can enjoy a delectable meal no matter when hunger strikes. Explore Jackson’s culinary landscape that boasts both international flavors and soulful Southern cuisine.

Restaurant Cuisine Opening Hours
Babalu Tapas & Tacos Latin American Until Midnight (Fri-Sat)
The Iron Horse Grill American, Seafood Until 10 PM
Hal & Mal’s Southern Comfort Until 2 AM (Weekends)
Mayflower Café Traditional Diner Until 10 PM

Whether you’re in the mood for tapas, a burger, or a hearty Southern meal, Jackson caters to all appetites. Enjoy the flavors of the South alongside the city’s nightlife—proof that in Jackson, the evening is just the beginning of a memorable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Things To Do In Jackson Ms


What Are The Top Attractions In Jackson Ms?


Jackson MS boasts several fascinating attractions, with the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science topping the list. These spots offer insightful historical and educational experiences.


Can I Explore Jackson Ms Outdoors?


Yes, LeFleur’s Bluff State Park provides expansive outdoor activities in Jackson. Enjoy hiking, fishing, and picnicking amidst the park’s lush greenery and peaceful waterways.


Where To Find The Best Food In Jackson Ms?


For a taste of local cuisine, head to areas like Fondren where eateries serve mouthwatering Southern specialties. The Iron Horse Grill is particularly renowned for both its delicious dishes and vibrant history.


Any Historic Sites To Visit In Jackson Ms?


The Mississippi State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion stand as key historic sites. Touring these landmarks offers a glimpse into Mississippi’s rich political past and architectural heritage.




Exploring Jackson, MS reveals a treasure trove of activities. From its rich cultural heritage to vibrant modern attractions, the city ensures unforgettable experiences. Whether indulging in local cuisine or venturing into historic districts, your itinerary can be as diverse as the capital’s charm itself.


So, wrap up your visit with snapshots of fond memories and plans for your next Jackson adventure.

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