Things to Do in Boston With Kids: Fun for Every Age!

Visit the Boston Children’s Museum or explore the New England Aquarium for family-friendly fun in Boston. Take a Swan Boat ride in the Public Garden for memorable experiences with kids.


Boston is a treasure trove of activities suitable for children, making it a perfect family destination. The city blends historical charm with modern attractions, ensuring that every family member finds something to enjoy. From the interactive exhibits at the Museum of Science to the historical trails and landmarks that make learning about American history a hands-on adventure, Boston offers educational and engaging experiences.


Enjoy the green spaces of Boston Common, where kids can run and play freely. When the weather allows, the Boston Harbor Islands provide outdoor exploration opportunities complete with beaches and hiking trails. Indoor activities aren’t in short supply either, with plenty of options to keep the little ones entertained during colder months. Embrace the diverse offerings of Boston, where each activity promises to kindle curiosity and create lasting memories for the entire family.


Unmissable Family Fun In Boston

Visiting Boston with your family is an enriching experience and choosing the right time is key. The city is most welcoming and offers a variety of activities for children during the spring and fall months. Temperatures are mild, making it perfect for spending days exploring the city’s parks and historic sites. Consider planning your visit to coincide with one of the city’s family-friendly festivals for an extra touch of fun.

Organizing a family trip requires smart planning. Start by creating a flexible itinerary that incorporates time for both sightseeing and rest. Booking your accommodations well in advance is a savvy move, particularly in the peak tourist seasons. Ensure to research kid-friendly restaurants and activities, and remember to factor in the downtime needed for naps or just relaxing at your hotel. Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure a memorable and stress-free visit to Boston for your entire family.

Things To Do In Boston With Kids

Boston bursts with memorable experiences for families exploring interactive museums. The Boston Children’s Museum offers hands-on exhibits that ignite curiosity across a broad range of topics from science to culture. Kid-friendly historical experiences are abundant, with the Freedom Trail providing a step back in time, perfect for young history buffs eager to learn. The city’s numerous outdoor parks and playgrounds offer a breath of fresh air within urban settings, with the Boston Common being a favorite for its scenic views and ample space for play.

For families fond of water-based activities, a cruise on the swan boats in the Public Garden or a visit to the New England Aquarium will captivate children of all ages. From interactive learning to outdoor fun, Boston ensures that every family trip is filled with adventure and education.

Discover Boston’s Enchanting Museums

Boston Children’s Museum offers an interactive experience that encourages children to explore and learn. Engage your kids in creative play at the Construction Zone, or dive into the world of science at the hands-on Science Playground. With various educational exhibits, the museum is a perfect spot for family fun and learning.

At the Museum of Science, young minds are captivated by the wonders of the natural world. The museum’s dynamic exhibits, such as the thrilling lightning show in the Theater of Electricity and the captivating planetarium shows, provide an exhilarating educational experience.

The New England Aquarium is a haven for sea lovers. Children delight in the vibrant marine environment, with highlights including the Giant Ocean Tank and the opportunity to get up-close with sea creatures at the Touch Tank. The aquarium’s dedication to marine conservation and education resonates through its captivating displays and interactive opportunities.

Experience History Up Close

Boston’s venerable Freedom Trail offers a fantastic voyage through time that’s ideal for families eager to combine education with outdoor exploration. This 2.5-mile long path winds through the city, linking 16 historically significant sites. Engage children with tales from the American Revolution and watch history come alive.

An absolute must-visit is the USS Constitution, famously known as “Old Ironsides,” where both kids and adults can immerse themselves in maritime history. Aboard the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat, young sailors can scramble across the decks and imagine life at sea during the War of 1812. Each visit is a blend of adventure and learning, a truly memorable family outing.

Boston’s Outdoor Adventures Awaits

Boston beckons families with its outdoor adventures that capture the imagination of children and adults alike. Discover the charming swan boat rides amidst the lush scenery of the Public Garden. Each gentle paddle through the serene waters is a chance to create lasting memories.

At the Franklin Park Zoo, engage in animal discoveries, where diverse wildlife and interactive experiences await eager young minds. The zoo’s variety of species and educational exhibits offer a day filled with excitement and learning.

Embark on island-hopping adventures across the Boston Harbor Islands with your kids. This escapade introduces families to the natural beauty and historical significance that these islands harbor, guaranteeing an enriching experience for all.

Sports And Entertainment For Youngsters

Boston’s Fenway Park offers an unforgettable experience for families, providing the perfect blend of sports and entertainment. Treat your kids to a game day where they can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of a baseball match. The historical significance of the venue coupled with the excitement of the crowd makes for a memorable outing.

On another day, consider the unique Boston Duck Tours. Combining a scenic city tour with the excitement of a water landing, the amphibious adventure is both educational and exhilarating for children. As the duck boat navigates through historic streets before splashing into the Charles River, the entire family is guaranteed to be engaged with the sights and stories of Boston.

Engage With Boston’s Art And Culture

Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art is not just a visual treat; it also offers interactive sessions tailored for young minds. These sessions are designed to engage children in the appreciation of modern art through hands-on activities and interactive tours. They’ll play, learn, and create alongside art educators, making their museum visit both educational and memorable.

Another cultural gem, the Museum of Fine Arts, hosts family workshops that provide a platform for creative expression. The museum’s workshops are themed around current exhibits and collections, encouraging families to explore art together. Whether crafting their masterpieces or engaging in storytelling, kids are given the opportunity to connect with art on a personal level.

Tasty Treats And Child-friendly Eats

Boston Common beckons families for a blissful picnicking experience amidst its sprawling greens. Ensure your picnic basket is brimming with local treats such as the city’s famous lobster rolls or clam chowder for an authentic taste. Parents and children alike can savor delightful bites while enjoying the common’s vibrant atmosphere.

For a sweet culmination to your outdoor feast, Boston’s array of ice cream parlors offers a diverse selection of flavors to please all palates. Venture to a nearby sweet spot, where inventive ice cream and classic cones are churned out daily, providing a creamy respite for kids and a moment of indulgence for adults. These culinary haunts are perfect for both cooling down on a hot day and enjoying a treat any time of the year.

Relaxation And Unwinding Spaces

Boston’s Arnold Arboretum is a haven of tranquility, offering families the perfect setting to connect with nature. Spread across 281 acres, the Arboretum is not just a site to admire diverse plant species, but also a place where kids can explore and engage with the natural world. With its well-maintained trails, open lawns, and shaded areas, it’s an ideal spot for picnics, leisurely walks, or simply a quiet afternoon amidst the trees.

On the other hand, the Harborwalk is an exciting journey for families, winding along the water’s edge with breathtaking views of the ocean. Kids will be thrilled with the numerous playgrounds sprinkled along the route, providing fun and relaxation against the backdrop of Boston’s skyline. This scenic pathway not only offers a serene walk but also serves as an interactive educational experience, stirring a sense of wonder in both young and old.

Seasonal Events And Festivities

Boston’s vibrant seasons bring a host of activities perfect for families and children. During spring, the city comes alive with beautiful cherry blossoms and vibrant flowers, offering a stunning backdrop for picnics and casual strolls in the Public Garden and along the Charles River Esplanade. Parents can instill a love of nature in their kids with educational walks through the Arnold Arboretum, where budding botanists can learn about diverse plant species.

As fall approaches, the landscape transforms into a picturesque display of oranges and reds – an ideal time for leaf-peeping adventures and memorable photos. The Boston Common and Franklin Park are just a couple of the places where families can relish in the fall foliage.

Come winter, the city turns into a frosty playground: Boston’s winter markets buzz with seasonal treats and handcrafted gifts, providing both fun and educational experiences for youngsters. Iconic ice rinks, such as the Frog Pond, offer family-friendly skating opportunities, complete with hot cocoa and joyful music. These seasonal events perfectly capture the essence of Boston and create lasting memories for kids and parents alike.



Frequently Asked Questions For Things To Do In Boston With Kids


What Are Top Family Attractions In Boston?


Boston offers a variety of family-friendly attractions. The Boston Children’s Museum and New England Aquarium are a hit with kids. The Museum of Science and the Franklin Park Zoo also provide educational and fun experiences for families.


Can You Visit The Boston Tea Party Ships?


Yes, families can explore the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. It’s an interactive experience with live actors and high-tech exhibits. Great for kids learning about American history and the famous 1773 tea protest.


Are There Outdoor Activities For Kids In Boston?


Boston is home to many outdoor activities perfect for kids. The Boston Common and Public Garden offer space for play and picnics. The Freedom Trail is a fun way to explore the city’s history on foot.


Is The Boston Children’s Museum Worth Visiting?


Absolutely! The Boston Children’s Museum is a must-visit, offering hands-on exhibits that cater to various ages and interests. Kids can learn through play, making it both an enjoyable and educational experience.




Exploring Boston with your little ones offers endless excitement and educational experiences. The city’s rich history and vibrant cultural scene provide a playground for curiosity and adventure. Remember, each attraction brings its own magic, creating memories that your family will cherish for years.


Boston beckons for your next family getaway, promising a treasure trove of kid-friendly fun.

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