How to Get from Ireland to England?

To get from Ireland to England, you can take a ferry. Ferry travel is a popular and convenient method of transportation across the Irish Sea, with a variety of routes operated by different ferry companies.

Despite the relatively long crossing time, ferry travel is a year-round and well-connected option for traveling between Ireland and England, Wales, and the Isle of Man. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and scenic way to move between these two countries, taking a ferry is a great choice.

By Boat Or Ferry?

There are several ferry options available for traveling between Ireland and England. You can choose between a fast ferry or a slow ferry, depending on your preferences and schedule. The routes and operators vary, giving you flexibility in planning your trip.

By Boat Or Ferry?

Whether you’re looking for a quick and efficient crossing or a leisurely journey, there are options to suit your needs. It’s worth considering the differences between fast and slow ferries, as well as the various routes and operators available. With year-round crossings and a number of ferry companies to choose from, you can easily make your way from Ireland to England, Wales, or the Isle of Man.

Additionally, ferry travel is also a popular choice for reaching France from Ireland.

By Plane

Flying from Dublin to England is a convenient option to travel between the two countries. There are several airlines that provide flights from Dublin to various airports in England. Booking your flight in advance is recommended to ensure availability and possibly get better deals.

By Plane

When booking, consider factors like baggage allowances, flight duration, and layovers. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind any tips for a smooth journey, such as arriving at the airport early, having your necessary documents ready, and packing light.

By following these steps, you can easily make your way from Ireland to England by plane.

Recommended Routes

To get from Ireland to England, there are a few recommended routes you can take. One option is to fly from Dublin to Manchester, which offers convenient connections between the two countries. Another option is to fly from Dublin to Liverpool, which is also a popular choice among travelers.

If you prefer, you can fly from Dublin to Birmingham, which provides easy access to various destinations in England. Lastly, flying from Dublin to Bristol is another viable option. These routes offer flexibility and convenience for travelers looking to make the journey from Ireland to England.


With these different options available, getting from Ireland to England has never been easier. Happy journey!

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